Figurative Exhibit: August 5 - September 4, 2017
Opening Reception & Artist Talk Saturday, August 12 from 6-8pm.

Working with shadows, reflections and light, three award-winning fine art photographers, Linda K. Alpern, Patricia Beary, and Larry Davis, present selected works on the human form. 

With an artistic concentration on people, Linda K. Alpern has produced two photographic portrait series of writers, artists and friends using reflective Mylar and water pools as her backdrops and studio setting, respectively.  These settings have allowed Ms. Alpern to bring out more personalities and abstracted features of her subjects as produced from various angles of these unusual materials.  Patricia Beary uses motion to photographically obscure the edges of figures where the delicacy of the subject’s frame is defined by light and shadow rather than a crisp, clear outline. The monotone hue of her prints is a deliberate choice encouraging the viewer to transcend color detail and instead concentrate on the fluidity of the human form.  Larry Davis engages people photographically from a distance and abstracts their forms within architectural settings while exploring aspects of isolation, loneliness, and sometimes humor.  Printing his images to small 3-inch squares pulls the viewer in to investigate these emotions a bit closer.

All works in this exhibit are available for purchase, pease contact the Gallery. 
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