Alterations Exhibit: November 8 - December 15, 2013
The "Alterations" exhibit presents works by photographic artists Carolyn Conrad and Sandi Daniel that involve various methods, steps, and mediums for the abstraction and the transformation of natural scenes.

Embracing many approaches including photography, painting, sculpture, and installation, artist, Carolyn Conrad constructs rural scenes from clay and wood using a minimalist approach.  She then lights the scenes naturally, creating highlights and shadows for the final photograph with the goal of steering naturalism toward abstraction.  A resident of Sag Harbor, Ms. Conrad has exhibited extensively in the United States as well as France; her works have won numerous awards and are part of many private collections.

 Combining traditional and contemporary techniques and mediums such as gesso and gold on vellum, award-winning photographer, Sandi Daniel goes beyond the image, reinventing it into an alternate reality and evoking feelings of romance while addressing the fragility of nature.  Ms. Daniel’s photographs have been exhibited broadly throughout the United States and Japan, and are part of numerous private collections.