Pond Studies Benefit Exhibit:  July 26 - August 31, 2014
Benefitting the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County Marine Program, Pond Studies features the different artistic investigations of local waters created by Nijole Kudirka's delicate photo encaustic collages, along with glassy surface studies by Katherine Liepe-Levinson.  

Locally, for her Pond Series, Nijole Kudirka says she "photographed vernal ponds and ephemeral tide pools in the seashore dunes of the East End.  The play of light on the water and the reflections of trees, whose shade they need to survive, was a particular visual focus for me.  I wanted to highlight this fragile, vulnerable phenomenon of nature.  Using the photo encaustic media with thin handmade rice papers seemed like the perfect materials to express the transparent light.  

Katherine Liepe-Levinson says of her work in the Pond Studies Exhibit, "I make a practice of pond-gazing in all seasons, meditating on our precious, irreplaceable natural resources.  By watching the ever-changing effects of wind, light, flora, and fauna of the water, I catch some unusual effects that are produced by the camera angle and lens, the play of light on the subject and background, and by reflective surfaces. I concentrate on single-exposure photography with minimal post-processing for these images."