Spring Into Collecting Exhibit:  March 4 - May 14
Artists' Reception:  Saturday, April 8 from 6-8pm

Change the atmosphere completely in your home by rearranging your art.  Spring Into Collecting is an eclectic selection of color and black & white works of varied artistic styles and subject matter by nine regional artists.  Available for the fine art photography admirer and collector for purchase or viewing are works by Ennid Berger, Michael Edelson, Scott Farrell, Alex Ferrone, Richard Gardner, Ray Germann, Katherine Liepe-Levinson, Mike McLaughlin, and Alex Vignoli.

All works in this exhibit are for sale.  Physical works do not contain artist credit line shown here.  Info shown is framed.  
We offer complimentary East End delivery on some works.
Shipping is available.
Click thumbnail to view full image; scroll over image for piece info and pricing.