Abstraction Exhibit: June 25 - August 7, 2016.  
Opening reception Saturday, June 25 from 6-8pm

The Abstraction Exhibit brings an unconventional visual presentation from three regional artists - Scott Farrell, Christine Matthäi, and Alex Vignoli. Having pulled elements from everyday scenes, each artist then created new images that take us away from the original setting, and leave us with little or no representational reference to the initial view. 

For the exhibit, Scott Farrell created his abstractions solely in-camera while investigating two weather-beaten, man-made structures that had been exposed to nature’s elements over time.  Rain, sun, heat, wind, and oxidation brought revelations of entirely new dramatic scenes to Scott’s keen observation, including thoughts of landscapes and stellar occurrences.  Christine Matthäi begins with her fluid waterscapes initially abstracted in-camera, then conceptualizes further by merging her images with musings of words and poetry about the sea.  Her square format represents elemental sacred places in which to hold multiple personal, artistic layers, and serves as means to express the desire for timelessness and preservation of both words and the sea.  Alex Vignoli created his photographs in-camera initially and then furthers their dramatic intentions post-processing.  Vignoli has captured the fast-paced motion of life, “Zero-to-Sixty” as he calls it, as he moves through the two places with which he has the most connection - the more flowing, natural world of the Hamptons, and the constant, angular movement from the concrete vertical world of the city.  

Abstraction Gallery Talk:  Join the artists on Sunday, July 17 from 1:00-3:00 PM for a free luncheon Gallery Talk to hear the discussion about their works.  Reservations are required. Sponsored by Abatelli Realty of Cutchogue.

All works in this exhibit are available for purchase; please contact the Gallery 631-734-8545.  Info shown is framed; prints are available unframed as well.  Click thumbnail to view full image.